When you think of CBD, think COPE. Large scale, high CBD hemp cultivation and production is our thing and it’s our volume that satisfies the increasing demand for high quality, domestic CBD products including bulk CBD isolate orders.

Our customers give our CBD isolate high marks for quality, appearance, and availability.


At Cope, we’re passionate about cultivating top quality high CBD hemp on our approximately 800 acre Colorado farm. In Washington County, Colorado, another summer approaches with the promise of fat, juicy high CBD flower stretching to the horizon. Choosing Cope means you know where your CBD is coming from. Plus, the high CBD plant material we cultivate and harvest travels, at most, a few thousand feet from where it was picked to our on-site processing facility.


Our high CBD hemp is harvested at its peak and packed/processed within hours.

Deliberate care from seed, to harvest, to crude, to distillate, to isolate.

At the root of everything great is a simple yet powerful idea. For Cope, that idea is a commitment to Cultivating Quality – growing the best quality high CBD hemp.


We are involved in all aspects of how our CBD isolate is produced and we closely monitor every step of the farming, extraction and isolation process.

The quality of our CBD isolate is second-to-none but this isn’t an accident. It’s because our hemp is second to none. That is why we are the hemp cultivator, and all of our hemp is grown for its elevated cannabidiol (CBD) content.

Once harvested, our hemp undergoes testing for purity and CBD content. The plant material is then processed into a truly full spectrum crude hemp oil. We thoroughly extract the decarboxylated hemp using alcohol. The alcohol is gently removed by boiling under vacuum, leaving behind only CBD, terpenes and other plant materials.

This crude hemp oil is typically 65% CBD and ideal for low concentration formulations like edibles, where taste and visual appeal are not concerns.

We then take the crude oil to a distillate. Our highest potency hemp oil, it still retains terpenes and many other beneficial compounds along with the CBD but we have removed the chlorophyll and other heavier components that effect the color and flavor of the oil. The oil is refined using state of the art molecular distillation technology. This hemp oil distillate is typically 85% CBD and is ideal for vape pens, tinctures and other high potency formulations.

We then take the hemp oil distillate to an isolate. With greater than 99% CBD potency, this is some of the purest CBD available. Crystals are grown in a controlled process to produce small sizes of around 100 um to achieve the best bioavailability. This is ideal for those concerned with the THC content or psychoactivity of other hemp extract products as it does not contain any THC.

One of the biggest advantages of Cope’s isolated CBD is the carefully controlled size of our crystals. Many other producers look to grow large, novelty sized crystals but there are many disadvantages to this. First, large crystals will trap solvent inside of the crystal structure which cannot be removed and is typically in the 100-1000 ppm range. Cope’s CBD isolate is tested at 0 ppm residual solvents. A second and very important advantage of smaller crystal size is better bioavailability. For edible and topical products, the amount of CBD that is absorbed into the body is proportional to the surface area of the isolated crystals. We control every parameter in the crystallization process in order to produce crystals in the size range of 50-150 micron. This gives us a very large surface area per gram of CBD. Many other manufacturers are producing CBD crystals in the 1000-2000 micron size range which will have much lower surface area per gram.

The result is Cope’s premium quality, ultra concentrated CBD isolate.

  • Our products are NOT marijuana.
  • Our high CBD hemp is grown domestically, right here in Colorado
  • Cope tests the potency of every batch of CBD isolate produced
  • We are lab-tested, certified and insured.
  • We exclusively use organic farming practices.
  • There are NO preservatives, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.
  • There are NO additives or dyes.
  • Our products are gluten-free, soy-free, vegan.